Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever.



Art.V. -The Contagiouness of Puerperal Fever.  Read before the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, by 0liver W. HOLMES, M.D., and published by request of the Society.


In collecting, enforcing and adding to the evidence accumulated upon this:most serious subject, I would not be understood to imply that there exists a doubt in the mind of any well-informed member of the medical profession as to the fact that puerperal fever is sometimes communicated from one person to another, both directly and indirectly.  In the present state of, our knowledge upon this point I should consider such doubts merely as a proof that the sceptic had either not examined the evidence, or, having examined it, refused. to accept its plain, and unavoidable consequences. I should be sorry to think with Dr. Rigby, that it was a case of oblique vision; I should be unwilling to force home the argumuntum ad hominem of Dr. Blundell,but l would not consent to make a question of a momentous fact, which is no longer to be considered as a subject for trivial discussions, but to be acted upon with silent promptitude.