Reviewing of video recordings enhances the diagnostic value of arthroscopy

Investigate if video recording and subsequent viewing of the videotape can improve the diagnostic value of arthroscopy.

Material and Method:
653 arthroscopies of the knee were videotaped. The tapes were viewed a few days later.

On viewing the tapes 46 diagnoses, missed under the arthroscopy procedure, were made. There were 0.7% menisceal lesions and 0.7% crusiate ligament lesions. Other diagnoses were in the chondral and synovial tissue.

A additional review by video of arthroscopies showed a 7% increase in diagnoses where 0.7% meniscus lesion and 0.7% cruciate lesion in the patient population had come to light. The use of a video in conjunction with arthroscopies is recommended for the purpose of review in enhancing diagnostic values in arthroscopy.