Lateral release for patello-femoral syndrome

Evaluate lateral release syndrome as a treatment for patients with lateral hyperpression syndrome.
Material and Method:
80 patients with patello-femoral pain were offered lateral release as a treatment for their pain. They were informed that there is a documented success rate of 80%. Each patient received a questionnaire one year after their operation. They were asked about their pain. All questionnaires were returned completed.
32 patients were free of pain one year later.
30 patients were better but still had some discomfort,
12 patients were unchanged
6 patients were worse.
The success rate was 80% as is seen commonly in case literature. 3 of the patients who were worse underwent an arthroscopy. Two conditions became quite clear:

a. patients whose patella was so laterally tilted that the medial facet of that patella did not reach the medial femoral condyle at a 90 flexion.

b. patients with a chondral lesion on the medial facet, were worse after a lateral release. Neither of these two groups was later offered a lateral release.

There was a subsequent improvement in the success rate.

Lateral release is, in some instances, an alternative to offer patients with lateral hyperpression.