Operation for Keller sequellae

Evaluate the effect of an extensor tenotomi and a cicatrise debridgement in patients with extended valgisation of the hallux following a Keller arthroplastic.

Material and Method:
Four hallux patients with an earlier Keller arthroplastic were given an extensor-tenotomi and a debridgement in cicatrisis. The proximal part of the extensor tendon was sutured to the first metatarsal head to still help in swing fase to dorsiflex the foot.

Two toes were excellent from the patient's point of view. The degree of discomfort from the cicatrisis in two toes had diminished. All the patients were glad they had had the operation.

There is insufficient material from which to draw any conclusions but the method can perhaps encourage others to produce further material so that in the future there is a successful treatment for this relatively large group of people.