Insoles for patients with pes planus transversus after an unsuccessful Hohmann-Mitchell operation for hallux valgus.

In some patients after an osteotomi operation for hallux valgus it is seen that the first caput metatarsalis does not to touch the ground. Their total weight is then borne by their four lateral capituli. A pes planus transversus-like condition then follows. 

To see if an insole with a 6mm elevation under the capitulum of the first metatarsal head will relieve the problem.

Material and Method:
Eight feet with an earlier osteotomi for hallux valgus where the first metatarsal did not touch the ground were provided with an insole with a 6mm elevation under caput metatars one. Two weeks after the fitting of the insole each patient got a questionnaire about the effects.

None of the patients had any further discomfort and there were no relapses.